About the Studio

Based in the northern California foothill town of Placerville, we specialize in crafting contextual, sustainable, and delightful human habitats. Our approach is one that places people at the center of every design problem. Our philosophy is to craft highly specific solutions that reflect the culture, tradition, and climate of the site and the people that will inhabit it.

We believe that the best architecture exudes an appropriate respect for the essence of the place — the traditions, the cultures, the natural features, the climate — everything that makes a place special and unique. This respect represents true stewardship and is the basis of everything we do. 

About Greg Jones

Greg Jones, Registered Architect

Founder and managing principal Greg Jones (Registered Architect, NCARB, LEED AP) studied architecture at Andrews University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master of Architecture degree in 2006. 

Greg brings his passion for great design to all projects. He is inspired by great places around the world and thinks that there are fundamental concepts common to these great environments that can dramatically alter our experience of place and enhance our quality of life. His belief that good architecture is contextual, in regards to both climate and culture, informs a design ethos that emphasizes a respect for the traditions that make a place unique and the wisdom those traditions contain for how to appropriately respond to the regional climate.